(50 mins)



This needle free anti-ageing procedure is ideal for skin hydration, oxidative stress, lines and wrinkles. Based on a complex of 5 hyaluronic acids and peptides, it is an effective solution against common signs of ageing with a lift-up and silk touch effect that looks and feels healthy.

SR 1 formula is enriched with a variety of hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights and strong water retention power, to help reduce vaporization and to plump the skin with deep hydration, enhanced tone, and texture. A boost of bio-peptides improves the skin's natural biological functioning to help reverse the signs of ageing and create longer-lasting anti-ageing effects. Together, these two premium components create a powerful complex that restores the sensation of young skin.

Areas to Apply: Face, Chin, Neck and Décolleté, Breast, Hands, Arms and Thighs.

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Ems (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)
+ Boxing (50 Min)


EMS is the stimulation of muscles by passing electrical impulses through them. Mimicking the signals that are sent from our central nervous systems during exercise, in the same way causing our muscles to contract. Effectively and conveniently targeting individual or multiple muscle groups.
EMS training in essence gives you the results of a long workout in half the time.

A 20-minute EMS workout equates to a 90-minute high-intensity gym class or personal training session and can easily be added to your existing workout routine or used solely.

Boxing is a complete exercise that works and strengthens various areas of the body, such as the arms, legs or back. It is an essential practice if you want to increase your endurance and physical strength, but it is also positioned as an aerobic exercise to lose weight.

But… did you know that muscle EMS and boxing made a perfect combo? Our Unique EMS Boxing training gives you this opportunity. You can benefit from the advantages of an EMS equipment during your boxing workout. By combining the two you will achieve your goals faster, more pleasantly and effectively.

We are all unique and in Recharge Rooms we strongly believe that only private 1-to-1 sessions give you the most benefits since they are tailored for your personal needs. All sessions are led by highly experienced personal trainers and designed to reach individual goals. Noticeable results can be seen after only 4 sessions or less depending on your lifestyle.

You can combine EMS Boxing with any other sessions in Recharge Rooms. We have showers, bar and a café, so you can easily spend in Recharge Rooms the whole day.

We have specially tailored packages for any taste. You can find them in our Recharge Packages section.




Shorts or leggings I Long sleeved top I Trainers

Gloves are on us! We provide both Boxing gloves and handwraps

Please be aware that your gym gear becomes wet after the workout, so please make sure you bring spare clothes.

During the workout you wear a highly advanced EMS suit containing internal electrodes, so no loose wires are hanging in your way.
Like a regular training session, you can additionally feel the toning effects and extra recruitment of muscles through receiving a light massage from the suit, and totally painlessly of course!


There are plenty of benefits you can get with this type of training. They are not limited by physical but also mental.

Release of accumulated stresses: Helps you get rid of the stresses of each day, such as the stress caused by long working days. The release is positive because you can avoid certain common headaches. You may even feel happier because of the release of endorphins, better known as the happiness hormone.

Weight loss: As it is an aerobic exercise, the fat burning is higher than in other sports. If you want to lose weight, EMS training is positioned as one of the most effective for this purpose, although it also depends on the intensity of the session.

Increase muscle and bone mass: Don’t forget that it’s an aerobic exercise, but in addition to losing weight, you can also gain muscle and bone mass. If you exercise your muscles these will increase, while you can also gain bone mass making a big impact them. The need for bone care is critical, as from the age of 30 they tend to get worse. They should be taken care of because otherwise illnesses or pains such as osteoporosis can appeared.

Tone and body definition: Over time, you’ll notice that certain areas of your body such as your arms and legs are more toned. Likewise, you’ll notice that others like your back and abs are more defined.

Cardiovascular health improvements: Because it is an exercise that is composed of intervals, it facilitates the improvement of your cardiovascular health. This reduces your chances of cardiovascular disease, because it improves your blood circulation. In addition to improving blood pressure or the respiratory system.

Improve reflexes and coordination: Boxing is a sport in which we need attention, since at any time you can take a hit from your opponent. With its practice, your reflexes increase to be able to dodge those punches. To do this, aspects such as mental speed and coordination come into play.

Balance improvements: Improving reflexes and coordination makes your balance to progress as well. When performing sudden and fast movements, the balance is also worked, as you need it, among other things, to not falling to the ground.

For the better results we suggest you combining Peak Pilates with OZONE Sauna