(50 mins)



This needle free anti-ageing procedure is ideal for skin hydration, oxidative stress, lines and wrinkles. Based on a complex of 5 hyaluronic acids and peptides, it is an effective solution against common signs of ageing with a lift-up and silk touch effect that looks and feels healthy.

SR 1 formula is enriched with a variety of hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights and strong water retention power, to help reduce vaporization and to plump the skin with deep hydration, enhanced tone, and texture. A boost of bio-peptides improves the skin's natural biological functioning to help reverse the signs of ageing and create longer-lasting anti-ageing effects. Together, these two premium components create a powerful complex that restores the sensation of young skin.

Areas to Apply: Face, Chin, Neck and Décolleté, Breast, Hands, Arms and Thighs.

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Peak Pilates
(Reformer Pilates) (50min)


Whether you’re brand new to Pilates or have previously trained in mat, this technique on one of the most versatile, interesting apparatus offers many benefits to the mind and muscles.

Pilates exercises unite mind and body through controlled breathing and a carefully crafted sequence of movements. In the case of reformer, movements are performed on a machine that provides external resistance as you push, pull and twist through the series.


Pilates reformer was developed as part of the Pilates protocol for whole-body fitness by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s. Intended to help the body “relearn” how it was meant to move, this intricate piece of machinery helps the body flow and move against resistance to gain strength, stability and fluidity.



The machine—a seat on track, attached to springs for resistance and outfitted with ropes and bars for balance and alignment—became central to the Pilates practice. When performing exercises, the machine keeps the body in the correct position, providing tactile feedback to help us know when we’re in the right spot and hitting the right muscles.

The Pilates reformer sequence follows a series of moves to open, lengthen and strengthen the feet, legs, glutes, hips, shoulders, back and arms—all the while engaging the core to stay stable and balanced. Some exercises are performed supine on the cadillac (that moving seat) while others are performed kneeling, sitting or laying on the side. Each exercise is balanced by another: for every contraction, there is a release and for every push there is a pull. It truly is a full-body routine. You will leave feeling longer, more connected with your breath and in touch with some tiny muscles you may not have known you had.

We are all different and in Recharge Rooms we strongly believe that only private 1-to-1 sessions give you the most benefits since they are tailored for your personal needs. All sessions are led by highly experienced personal trainers and designed to reach individual goals. Noticeable results can be seen after only 4 sessions or less depending on your lifestyle.

You can combine Peak Pilates with any other sessions in Recharge Rooms. We have showers, bar and a café, so you can easily spend in Recharge Rooms the whole day.

We have specially tailored packages for any taste. You can find them in our Recharge Packages section.



1. Reformer is a phenomenal workout for your abs, lower back, hips and glutes. It is heavily focused on alignment and accurate muscle engagement, which can lead to improved posture, better balance and more stability, especially when in motion. If you’ve ever coveted a ballet dancer’s graceful, fluid movement, Pilates could be a great way to help you work towards that. An integrated, stable body moves well and is less at risk to injury.

2. This workout also requires you to work against resistance that can be adjusted using the springs on the reformer. Training with resistance builds strength, and although Pilates doesn’t look like it’s burning a ton of calories or breaking a sweat, the long-term benefits of more lean muscle mass are great, including an increased metabolism and greater resistance to metabolic

3. Reformer also provides a terrific no-impact workout. You spend the majority of your time laying down or sitting or kneeling on the cadillac, exerting little force on your joints. This makes it a great tool for recovering from injury and strengthening the muscles around problematic joints to keep them strong (and injury-free).


Pilates relies heavily on the integration of mind and body. Careful syncing of the breath with movement is integral to the practice. These help to create more body awareness, more attention to physical signals and deeper understanding of how controlling the breath helps quiet the mind.

For the better results we suggest you combining Peak Pilates with OZONE Sauna